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Hediard Singapore eCommerce
About the Company

Hediard's Corporate Hampers send a message of Quality and Luxury to your clients and partners. Our large customer base throughout the world and especially in Singapore makes Hediard the ultimate Corporate Hamper provider for your Business needs. Hediard has been providing the made-to-order answer to corporate needs for decades. As a core pillar of our activities since Ferdinand’s granddaughter invented the gift hamper in the early 1900's, business gifts operation combines impeccable reliability with rare inspiration, leaving the recipient in no doubt of your esteem. We deliver “sur-mesure” (tailor-made) packages in Singapore and work to any budget. Hediard emphasise products that have formed the bedrock of its reputation since the earliest days, ensuring that a gift from Hediard carries a unique "cachet" (character). Our unqiue packaging – from leather and velvet boxes to bamboo trays and wooden bowls – ensures that a dedicated team will make it to your specific requirement, reflecting your business in the packaging, message and content.

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