Rahaf Mohammed: Saudi teen's first public statement in Canada

Rahaf Mohammed makes her first public statement since arriving in Canada after being granted asylum....

Read more: Rahaf Mohammed: Saudi teen's first public statement in Canada

Netflix Raises Prices to Stockpile for the Streaming Wars

The company needs more cash for content and global expansion—and it's still cheaper than a lot of streaming services....

Read more: Netflix Raises Prices to Stockpile for the Streaming Wars

'Why I'm leaving' - the new Honduran caravan

Migrants share their reasons for leaving Honduras as hundreds begin their trek towards the US....

Read more: 'Why I'm leaving' - the new Honduran caravan

More snow forecast as parts of Europe battle worst snowfall in decades

Northerly winds have caused conditions which have trapped people in some villages....

Read more: More snow forecast as parts of Europe battle worst snowfall in decades

Gilets jaunes: Will Macron's Grand Debate tackle French crisis?

France's president launches a national consultation in response to the "gilets jaunes" protests....

Read more: Gilets jaunes: Will Macron's Grand Debate tackle French crisis?

Germany extends monitoring of far-right

The move will not yet amount to full-scale surveillance of the nation's main opposition party....

Read more: Germany extends monitoring of far-right

Three Florida children die after becoming trapped in freezer

The three children had climbed into the unplugged unit in a garden when the latch closed on them....

Read more: Three Florida children die after becoming trapped in freezer

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