Pandora switches up its classic listening experience with Modes

If you’ve ever tried Pandora, you know the basic deal. The service offers a more passive form of music discovery than other streaming services, encouraging users to let algorithms do most of the heavy lifting, as radio stations are generated based on thumbs up and down.

Today, the company puts a new spin on the stalwart service, offering a...

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Google scores a custom AMD GPU to power its Stadia cloud gaming hardware

Google’s new Stadia game streaming service may be great for people who don’t own a powerful PC or console, but those games have to run somewhere — specifically, in a Google datacenter. And the hardware they run on will be largely powered by a custom graphics card from AMD that, on paper at least, puts the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X...

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Google’s new Stadia game controller has a few tricks up its sleeves

Google’s Stadia game-streaming platform works on a number of screens, but Google wants to give you a controller to take on all of these displays. Sure, you can use your regular keyboard and mouse or a third-party controller, but Google has also opted to showcase their own Stadia controller.

It’s not just a pretty look; Google’s...

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Google’s Stadia game-streaming platform kills downloads and lets you play anywhere

Onstage at GDC, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the company’s latest big initiative, taking on the entire gaming industry with a live-streaming service called Stadia that will be launching this year.

The service will let gamers leave their hefty GPUs and expensive systems behind. Pichai says that the service can be used on devices with a...

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Glossier triples valuation, enters unicorn club with $100M round

Glossier, known for its flagship line of barely there beauty products, has landed a $100 million Series D led by Sequoia Capital. The round values Emily Weiss’ business at a whopping $1.2 billion, fully cementing the company as a startup “unicorn” and tripling the valuation it garnered with a $52 million Series C in 2018.

News of...

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Review: Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Paper Tablet



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General Catalyst just carved out an aggressive new seed-stage program — here’s what to know

General Catalyst is diving more seriously into the business of funding seed-stage startups. To wit, the venture firm is announcing today that it plans to invest at least $25 million each year in nascent teams that “can’t be too early” for the firm to see, according to Katherine Boyle, an investor with the firm who will be...

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