Fast, Good, Local Site Search with Jetpack

If you have, say, 20 posts/pages on your WordPress site, the search functionality that is baked right into your self-hosted WordPress site will probably do a great job. Search is a pretty cool feature to ship with WordPress, truth be told. But as a site grows, you'll find limits. How it works behind the scenes is a touch over my head, but as I understand it, it does a MySQL LIKE query on your post titles and post content. It tries its best to order by relevance (like if it finds an exact sentence match), then largely orders by date. If search is super important to your site (here on CSS-Tricks, on-site search gets used a ton) you'll probably look for other options. TLDR: Jetpack Search is quite good out of the box, customizable, and requires very little effort. A quick jaunt through a decade-long journey. I started with Google Site Search, which ultimately became Google Custom Search Engine. No bones about it, Google does incredible search results, and you can focus that lens directly on your own site. There is a catch here though. You're either going to have a bunch of ads in your search results, or you'll have to use the JSON API at a cost of $5 per 1,000 queries capped at 10k/day. I'm all about paying a reasonable amount of money for quality search, so I tried Algolia for a while, as they have a WordPress plugin. I found it quite nice, but I couldn't quite get the search results as good as I liked. Nothing against Algoia here, it's quite an amazing product (we use it on CodePen for some stuff), but it wasn't a perfect fit for this site's blog search for me. I considered trying out some similarly hardcore options like Amazon Cloudsearch (which also

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