M-Commerce and Mobile Site Design: A Modern Profit Building Team in Singapore and Abroad

Why does Mobile Site Design equal money in your pocket?

Because people don't like using crummy websites, and most normal websites are ridiculously hard to see or use on a tiny Smart Phone screen. And since millions of people now use mobile devices to surf the web, having an alternate website design for mobile users is one of the smartest business moves you will ever make. Whether you are a business owner in Singapore or Hawaii, a mobile website design is something you should consider.

Here's how it works:

  1. People use their mobile devices to surf the web for stuff they want to buy. This online shopping from a mobile device is called M-commerce, or Mobile Commerce.
  1. Since there are usually multiple e-Stores that sells the kind of products or services that they are searching for, they will often leave websites that are hard to use on their phones and tablets. Why spend an hour trying to see the tiny print when you can use another website that has a handy mobile design? It's common sense- use the better website!
  1. Smart business people know about these millions of mobile shoppers and their affinity for Smartphone-friendly websites. These business owners invest in a Mobile Site Design that lets their customers navigate so easily that they will want to shop there whenever they are bored on a bus.
  1. Most mobile sites can automatically detect when a user is navigating from a mobile device, and will take them to the mobile site automatically. Other websites will give visitors a choice of which website they want to view. Either way, they can access your handy phone-friendly website option, which allows them to navigate your website without throwing their phone into the nearest toilet in frustration.
  1. The end result is happy customers who can shop from their phone and a happy website owner who is making money.
  1. On a tight budget? We can also design a great responsive e-commerce site that will adapt to all mobile environments as it will switch to any resolution without shrinking the page (read more about responsive design).
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