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1969idea-Clients-butyouarefrenchalorsEverybody says it's so easy to operate a blog: simply register and fire up. I experienced just the opposite before I contacted 1969idea.
I wanted a simple, neat and user-friendly layout in line with the philosophy that "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough". I had a few technical challenges: I expected the blog to switch swiftly between 2 languages, I dreamed of creative and personalized visuals, I needed to insert audio and media elements that would be easily opened from different supports (phone, computer, tablet). Overall, I needed to create a professional portal for my freelance activities.

I knew of 1969idea as the groomer/creator of actively communicating websites I regularly consult. I liked the efficiency and the neatness of their visuals, and the specific style and flair they impart to their pages.

I really appreciated the proposals that 1969idea built around my requirements. They were relevant and translated my floating ideas into a clear-cut format. Their advice helped me clarify my real needs and they also volunteered some helpful improvements
The communication with the IT team was very efficient. Questions were quickly answered and adjustments promptly carried out. 1969idea created a very distinctive logo in two ticks, so quickly you wonder how many megabytes they have piled in their creative juice!

The blog was running within 3 weeks and I was able to operate it right away. Of course, the curse of modern times implies that I am already dreaming about more applications and I will definitely contact 1969idea to help me take my blog one step further.

To sum it up, I would say that 1969idea is a creative powerhouse, which tailors solutions for your needs only (and not trying to duplicate the same recipe for everybody). I would definitely recommend you test their creative and technical skills.

Valerie de Gaulejac
Reporter & Writer
Singapore / INT